Questions especially for premedical students in biomechanics
BME 315

These are questions for thought. The goal is to have a beneficial effect on the quality of health care in the future. Your answers will not be collected and will not be graded.

  How do you rate the importance of the following characteristics in a surgeon or physician: (i) honesty / dishonesty, (ii) concern for the well-being of others, (iii) awareness of the options available, (iv) willingness to judge correctly among humane and inhumane options. If you are a pre-medical student, what kind of physician do you want to be?

  What qualities do you want to see in a physician who will provide treatment if you are sick or injured, or someone in your family is sick or injured? In that context, is it important to be a humane, benevolent and beneficial health care professional with integrity? Would you want to be treated by a health professional who, while in school, attempted to raise grades by intimidation or cheating?

  Case studies are provided of medical errors that lead to death and massive disability and methods to prevent future errors. The case studies contain aspects of engineering ethics, medical ethics and professional performance pertinent to the class subject matter. Discuss the relevance of such case studies for people seeking a career in health care.

  Is it ethical to make a thousand people sick to follow a claim that one person may have a prolonged life?

  What is the Hippocratic Oath?