Body and organ anatomy and biomechanics  

Bones via the AMA.

Bone structure pdf.

Muscles front via AMA.

Muscles back via AMA.

Muscles side via AMA.

Gray's Anatomy: bone, via Bartleby.

Gray's Anatomy: muscle, via Bartleby.

Gray's Anatomy: joints via Bartleby.

Scaling of walking speed.

Speed of animals diagram.

Scaling of metabolic rate diagram.

Scaling of metabolic rate pdf, Nature article.

Scaling of moving uphill.

Scaling of strength.

Skeleton weight.

Skeleton shape.

Measurements in biomechanics pdf.

Case study, joint force jaw implant pdf.

Locomotion of reptiles via Florida Museum of Natural History.

Locomotion of rhinoceros via zoo at Oklahoma City.

Locomotion of fish (pdf) swimming Nature article

Locomotion of anteater video mpeg after big zoo.

Tyrannosaurus locomotion after Nature Nature news pdf,
Nature article pdf.

Gecko foot adhesion Nature article pdf.