Rod Lakes
    Tissue mechanics class, Biomechanics class.

    Ligament and tendon
    Ligament structure.
    Ligament structure. Normal (top) and scar (bottom) tissues of a healing medial collateral ligament (MCL) in slack configuration.
    Ligament structure. Bifurcation / Fusion of collagen fibrils in normal MCL tissue at 20,000X (arrow). Note the collagen fibril overlap and interweaving.
    Ligament structure. Scanning electron micrographs of a normal rat medial collateral ligament (A)
    Ligament structure. Ligament in which a single tensile overload produced microstructural damage but not ligament rupture (B).
    Tendon hierarchical structure diagram.
    Ligament stress-strain curves
    Ligament relaxation
    Ligament creep and relaxation
    Modeling by QLV