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Holography was invented by Dennis Gabor, who received the Nobel Prize for his work.

Michelson interferometer
Laser lab image
Transmission holography set-up diagrams
Transmission holography set-up image
Transmission holography compact set-up diagram
Transmission holography compact set-up image 1 image 2
Reflection holography set-up diagrams.
Transmission vs. reflection hologram comparison
Comparison of holography, photography
Resolution of recording media.
Bend fringes
Bend fringes, dynamic
Fringe interpretation in holographic interferometry
Fringe spacing and direction
Fringe interpretation example: torsion
The holographic fringes in the image illustrate the analysis. The top and bottom of the bar were twisted in opposite directions. Observe the hyperbolic pattern of fringes. The camera is moved horizontally. Fringe motion corresponds to object point motion in the horizontal direction. Warp in this square section bar is in the vertical direction. Warp is not revealed in this illustration since the camera movement is orthogonal to the direction of the warp. Here is a longer (one meg) clip of fringe motion. To reveal warp, the observer may move along the bar axis and use the dynamic fringe interpretation method; alternatively, an image may be taken with oblique illumination with a component along the bar axis.
Supplementary holography links
Shelton article, holography in orthopaedics.
Bone plate deformation fringes
Metal bone plug fringes
Polyethylene bone plug fringes
Biomechanics application of holography
Fracture fixation for bones
Medical imaging
Tooth motion by holography
3-D Printing.
Holography research