Tissue properties

Rod Lakes
Lakes lecture Viscoelastic and Microelastic Properties of Tissue
  Title Bio, Viscoelasticity
  Bone Galen View
  Bone hierarchy
  View of bone

Bone frequency and time dependence
  Spring back
  Bone hierarchy
  Spring damper model which gives single exponential relaxation.
  Single exponential relaxation E(t) on a log scale.
  Phase delta. Stress vs. strain in sinusoidal loading. Meaning of the loss tangent.
  Bone relaxation and damping plot.
  Viscoelasticity due to fluid flow.
  Heart muscle relaxation.
  Heart muscle relaxation time related to size.
  Interpretation via Biot theory.
  BVS Instrument diagram
  BVS Instrument functions
  Bone axial damping summary plot .
  Bone shear damping summary plot .
  Stiffness / loss plot: comparison of materials.
  Bone torsion damping summary plot .
  Bovine bone
  Bone long creep
  Cement line displacement in bone under prolonged load.
  Slow waves
  Size effect in damping
  Damping via FEM
  Fluid pressure via FEM
  Misshapen head reshaped
  Baby helmet for head reshaping
  Baby heads improper treatment. 2, 3; head deformation

Ligament and tendon
  Spring back
  Tendon hierarchical structure diagram.
  Ligament structure.
  Ligament structure. Scanning electron micrographs of a normal rat medial collateral ligament (A)
  Ligament structure. Normal (top) and scar (bottom) tissues of a healing medial collateral ligament (MCL) in slack configuration.
  Ligament structure. Bifurcation/Fusion of collagen fibrils in normal MCL tissue at 20,000X (arrow). Note the collagen fibril overlap and interweaving.
  Ligament structure. Ligament in which a single tensile overload produced microstructural damage but not ligament rupture (B).
  Ligament overload damage image
  Ligament overload damage graph
  Ligament stress-strain curves
  Creep and relaxation
  Constitutive equations. Linear and nonlinear viscoelasticity
  Superposition in viscoelasticity
  Prediction of nonlinear viscoelasticity
  Ligament relaxation.
  Ligament creep and relaxation.
  Ligament rate effect.
  Tendon relaxation
  Cornea creep
  Tendon recovery does not follow QLV
  QLV; experiment.

  isthmus view
  isthmus and campus

Bone as a generalized continuum
  Material freedom
  Composite Structure.
  Rationale: structure
  Cosserat equations
  characteristic lengths
  measuring properties, torsion
  measuring properties, bending
  Size effect, Rohacell foam
  Size effect, dense foam
  Elastic constants, dense foam
  Size effect, bone
  Size effect, osteons
  Elastic constants, bone
  Strain concentration reduction
  Strain distribution
  Corner element: why spill over
  Warp in fibrous medium
  Cement line displacement in bone under prolonged load.
  Corner element in rubber
  Corner element in foam
  Warp in foam by holography
  Warp by theory
  Chiral structure
  Chiral equations
  Chiral stretching
  Holography PMMA, dense foam, dry bone, wet bone
  isthmus view
  isthmus and campus