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Prof. Robert Carpick

University of Wisconsin, now at University of Pennsylvania

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Contact Information

- Professor Carpick has moved to the University of Pennsylvania. New web page at Penn

 Engineering Physics
 Engineering Mechanics
 Materials Science Program
 Rheology Research Center

Carpick Group Research Interests


What is friction? How does it originate? How is it dependent on the structural, chemical, mechanical, vibrational, and electronic properties of materials? We are trying to answer these questions by studying friction and mechanics at the atomic / molecular / nanometer scale.

We are using and developing advanced scanning force microscopy tools to investigate these properties for novel materials, such as diamond thin films, textured polymers, self-assembled organic monolayers, and nanostructured materials.

While this work is fundamental in nature, there are numerous important applications. It is crucial to understand surface-dominated forces like friction and adhesion for micro- and nano-scale devices, such as micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), which possess a large surface-to-volume ratio. We are also interested in nanostructured materials that could be used for future nanotechnological devices.

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