Walter Drugan Walter J. Drugan
University of Wisconsin
527 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
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Contact Information
  Office: 527 Engineering Research Bldg.
  Lab: n/a
  E-mail: Drugan mail
  Phone: (608)-262-4572
  Fax: (608)-263-7451
 Engineering Physics
 Engineering Mechanics
 Materials Science Program

Research Interests

Professor Drugan's general interests lie in the analytical application of continuum mechanics to understand and optimize the mechanical behavior of modern materials. Examples of recent and current topics of interest include nonlinear fracture mechanics of ductile materials (single- and poly-crystalline) and interfaces; nonlocal constitutive models of composite materials; fundamental mechanics modeling of dynamic fragmentation of materials; fracture at the nanoscale; the mechanics of nanoscale shape-memory alloys; and discontinuites and shock waves in solids.

Research Details
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