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Contact Information
  Office: Engineering Centers Bldg., also
Module G5/360 Clinical Science Center
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792
Tel: 608/263-9593 Fax: 608/265-9144
  Lab: VA Medical center and orthopedic surgery
  E-mail: Vanderby mail
  Biomedical Engineering
  Engineering Mechanics
  Materials Science Program

Selected Publications

Provenzano, P., Lakes, R. S., Keenan, T, Vanderby, R. Jr., "Non-linear ligament viscoelasticity", Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 29, 908-914, Nov. (2001)
download pdf.

Provenzano, P., Heisey, D., Hayashi, K., Lakes, R. S., and Vanderby, R. Jr., "Subfailure damage in ligament: a structural and cellular evaluation", J. Applied Physiology, 92: 362-371, (2002).
download pdf.

Provenzano, P., Lakes, R. S., Corr, D. T., and Vanderby, R. Jr, "Application of nonlinear viscoelastic models to describe ligament behavior", Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology,, 1: 45-57, (2002).
download pdf.

Oza, A., Lakes, R. S. and Vanderby, R., "Interrelation of creep and relaxation for nonlinearly viscoelastic materials: application to ligament and metal" Rheologica Acta, 42, 557-568 (2003).
Download pdf

Hingorani, R., Provenzano, P., Lakes, R. S., Escarcega, A., and Vanderby, R., Jr. "Experimental evaluation of nonlinear viscoelastic behavior in rabbit ligament", 40th annual meeting, Society of Engineering Science, Ann Arbor, MI, 15 Oct. (2003). Download pdf or image.

Hingorani, R., Provenzano, P., P., Lakes, R. S., Escarcega, A., Vanderby, R. Jr., "Nonlinear viscoelasticity in rabbit medial collateral ligament", Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 32, 306-312, Feb. (2004). Download pdf.

Jensen, K. T. Dwyer, K. W., Lakes, R. S., and Vanderby, R., Jr., "The rate of viscoelastic recovery is faster than the rate of creep", 50th ORS, paper 0046, March (2004). Download pdf.

C Hurschler, B Loitz-Ramage, R Vanderby, A structurally based stress-stretch relationship for tendon and ligament, J Biomech Eng. 1997;119(4):392-399.

CT Chen, DS Malkus, R Vanderby, A fiber matrix model for interstitial fluid flow and permeability in ligament and tendon, Biorheology. 1998;35(2):103-118.

AJ Rapoff AJ, DM Heisey, R Vanderby, A probabilistic model for the elastic modulus of longitudinally oriented collagenous tissue, J Biomech. 1999;32(2):189-193.

RS Lakes, R Vanderby, Interrelation of creep and relaxation of ligaments, J Biomech Eng. 1999;121(6):612-615.

D Kunz, R McCabe, T Zdeblick and R Vanderby, A Multidegree of Freedom System for Biomechanical Testing, J Biomech Eng. 1994;116:371-373.

C Hurschler, R Vanderby, D Martinez, A Vailas, W Turnipseed, Mechanical and Biomechanical Analyses of Tibial Compartment Fascia in Chronic Compartment Syndrome, Ann Biomed Eng. 1994; 22:272-279.

P Manley, R Vanderby, S Kohles, M Markel, J Heiner, Alternations in Femoral Strain, Micromotion, Cortical Geometry, Cortical Porosity, and Bony Ingrowth in Uncemented Collared and Collarless Prosthesis in the Dog, J Arthroplasty 1. 1995;10:63-73.

More Publications

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