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Mechanics & Materials Research Group

The Mechanics & Materials Research Group

Engineering Mechanics concerns the fundamental theoretical and experimental study of forces, stresses, deformation and motion as applied to engineering materials and structures. Materials science concerns the study of material development, fabrication, chemical composition, microstructure and properties.

The Mechanics and Materials (M+M) Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort dedicated to combining the knowledge and methods of these two fields in order to dramatically enhance our capability both to understand and characterize existing materials and to invent exceptional new materials. The group is comprised of six faculty members in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Engineering Physics.

view of isthmus

Controllable Cameras: Engineering,
Lake Mendota,

Research Highlights

Friction at the Nanometer Scale

Nanostructured Shape Memory Alloys

stretch re-entrant foam
Negative Poisson Ratio Foams


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