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Gas Dynamics Calculator

Shock Tube Calculator
Enter values and press the "Calculate" button
State 1 is driven, 2 is shocked and 5 is reflected.
State 4 is the driver.

Driven Gas
Mach Number (Desired)
Pa, Initial Pressure, Driven Section
K, Initial Temperature, Driven Section
Driver Gas
K, Initial Temperature, Driver Section

State 1 State 2 State 4 State 5
Pressure MPa
Temperature K
Density kg/m3
Sound Speed m/s
Velocity 0 0 0 m/s
MW = Specific heat ratio =
Initial wave speed = m/s
Reflected wave speed = m/s, MR =
Approximate driver pressure ( factor for area contraction) = psig
View the Equations
Some fluid Properties
Constants and Dimensionless Numbers
Specific Heat Ratio as a Function of Temperature

Timing Issues
m, Distance Between Pressure Transducers
ms, Time Between Pressure Transducers
m, Distance Between Trigger Transducer and Window Centerline
m, Distance Between Trigger Transducer and Interface
m/s, Actual Wave Speed
Actual Mach Number
ms, Estimated Delay Time for Shock
ms, Estimated Delay Time for Membrane

Boost Tank
m3, Volume of the Driver
m3, Volume of the Boost Tank
psig, Diaphragm Rupture Pressure
%, Less than Rupture Pressure (for Pre-boost)
%, More than Rupture Pressure (for Post-boost)
psig, Pre-boost Driver Pressure
psig, Post-boost Driver Pressure
psig, Required Boost Tank Pressure

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