EMA 611, Lab 2, Ultrasonics and transducers
Advanced Mechanical Testing of Materials
Department of Engineering Physics, Engineering Mechanics Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    2--Ultrasonics and transducers
Piezoelectric transducers for ultrasonic measurements. Transducers: calibration; time and frequency dependence. Ultrasonic measurement of elastic moduli and of attenuation of waves. Ultrasonic flaw detection; detection of composite microstructure.
Resources. Lab 2 guide pdf
Basic concepts ultrasound pdf after Stanford.
Poisson's ratio from wave speeds "c"; subscript L means longitudinal; subscript S means shear, equation. This only applies if the material is isotropic. The calculated Poisson's ratio is sensitive to small variations in the input velocities.
Notes on wave velocity and attenuation of waves pdf
tone bursts, sweeps, pdf
Pulser, scope1