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Holographic Methods
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Instructor: R. S. Lakes, Professor of Engineering
Text: Hariharan, P. Optical Holography, Cambridge University Press, 1984.

color fringes more color fringes

The fringes represent deformation of a bent bar. Both images were derived from the same hologram. The hologram was made with red laser light and was illuminated with white light. The image on the left is of the hologram illuminated with conjugate white light. The image on the right is of the hologram illuminated with oblique white light. The neutral axis of bending is revealed by the absence of color dispersion along the horizontal center line.

Supplement -- Shelton article page -bone plate fringe image , holography in orthopaedics; fringe pattern images for metal, polyethylene bone plugs. Articles: applications, biomechanics, fracture fixation, medical imaging, osteology, digital storage, teeth, three-dimensional printing. Exams

Description: Concepts of diffraction and wavefront reconstruction; in-line and off-axis holograms; methods for producing white-light viewable holograms, including Benton, open- aperture, and Denisyuk holograms. Applications of holography in experimental deformation analysis of solids, display, data storage, and image processing. Applications of holography in analysis and quality control of orthopaedic implants, data display in diagnostic medical imaging, and analysis of tissue in vitro and in vivo. Prerequisites by topic: Engineering physics or optics.
Laboratory reports: Reports are due two weeks after the laboratory session is held. Report grades will be reduced by 10% for each working week of additional delay. Since the laboratory segment constitutes a substantial portion of the course, it is recommended that attention be directed toward the preparation of clear, understandable reports.