Reid Cooper Reid F. Cooper
University of Wisconsin
now at Brown University
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Contact Information

Professor Cooper has moved to Geological Sciences at Brown University.
Collaborative activities continue.
  Materials Science and Engineering
  Materials Science Program
  Geology and Geophysics
  Engineering Mechanics and

Research Interests

The overall theme of the research pursued in my group is solid-state kinetics in both crystalline and amorphous materials, and particularly ionic materials (e.g., silicates, oxides, halides). As such, mechanical properties are contemplated from the perspective of chemical kinetics, with deviatoric stress being an additional potential in the Gibbs energy and the dynamic responses (elasticity, fracture, flow, attenuation/anelasticity) being kinetic responses to dissipate the added mechanical potential. The work is highly interdisciplinary, with interactions in geophysics, petrology, electrical engineering as well as mechanics.

Low-Frequency Attenuation in Polycrystalline Solids and Partial Melts; Plastic Deformation in Crystalline Solids

Ceramic-Ceramic Composites: Petromimetics and Nanocomposites

Chemical Diffusion and Crystalline Nucleation in Semiconducting (Fe2+,3+-bearing) Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts: Applications to Microgravity, to Meteoritics, to Float Glass Chemical Design and Manufacture

Microwave-Solid Interactions: The Ponderomotive Force and its Materials Processing Applications

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