Ray  Vanderby, Jr. Professor Ray Vanderby
University of Wisconsin
Engineering Centers Building
Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
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Contact Information
  Office: Engineering Centers Bldg., also
Module G5/360 Clinical Science Center
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792
Tel: 608/263-9593 Fax: 608/265-9144
  Lab: VA Medical center and orthopedic surgery
  E-mail: Vanderby mail
  Biomedical Engineering
  Engineering Mechanics
  Materials Science Program

Research Interests

Professor Vanderby is a faculty member in the department of Surgery, where he directs the Orthopedic Research Laboratories. He has an affiliate appointment in the Departments of Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses entirely on orthopedic biomechanics. Vanderby is particularly interested in the mechanics of ligaments, tendons and bone, and studies alterations in the mechanical properties of these tissues in response to tissue healing, changes in loadings (from exercise, bed rest, microgravity, etc.), aging, disease, and biochemical factors (growth factors and hormones). These studies consider the micromechanics of these tissues (that is, how the extracellular matrix interacts with cells to locally regulate the microstructure). These studies also consider the solid, fluid and electrochemical interactions at a microscopic level. Additionally, Vanderby is interested in knee reconstruction, thermal modification of connective tissues, fracture fixation, and the biomechanics of the spine. To study these orthopedic issues, he uses and adapts engineering and biological methods including experimental, analytical, and computational mechanics; tissue culture and molecular biology; and various microscopic methods (confocal, TEM and SEM).

Research Details
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