EMA 630 Viscoelasticity Links
Rod Lakes
University of Wisconsin
  Viscoelasticity class outline
  Introductory notes
  Viscoelasticity survey links
  Project ideas
  Viscoelasticity Book outline.
  Prior Quizzes: Q1, midQ, Q2, FinalQ.
  Goo, More goo, More goo
  Experimental viscoelasticity links
  Elasticity: interpret C1111
  Infrared warmth car 1
  Infrared warmth car 2
  Infrared warmth car 3
  Infrared warmth bus
  Bone viscoelasticity links
  Tissue viscoelasticity links
  Wallaby tail pdf
  E-A-R Specialty Composites.
  Baseball viscoelasticity
  Case studies; applications

For your reports
  Graph quality: abominable graphs
  Graphs from scope: digital resolution
  Guidelines for reports
  Writing guide
  Quotations, math and science after St-Andrews, UK.
  Pizza slice

Experimental methods
  Resonant ultrasound setup
  Resonant ultrasound torsion
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  Selected journal links
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