BME 315 Biomechanics Links
Rod Lakes
  BME315 return
  Study questions
  Graph quality
  Guidelines for reports
  Pizza, pizza slice
  Prior quizzes 1a, 1b, 2a

Body and Organ Biomechanics Links.

Tissue Biomechanics
  Ligament and tendon
  Bone structure and properties
  Bone as a composite
  Bone Viscoelasticity
  Case study broken prosthesis stem
  Ultrasound concepts pdf after Stanford U.
  Elasticity, ultrasound: interpret C1111
  More tissue properties

Further resources
  Beam deflections pdf
  Class resources including Prof. Webster's living green, UW only
  Therac radiation device failure case study after ComputingCases.
  Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Lab
  Biomechanics students testing bone stiffness and strength in WSMT lab
  Graphs from scope: digital resolution
  UW Writing guide
  Measurements in biomechanics pdf
  Multitasking and inattention case studies
  Questions for pre-meds
  Biomaterials book, third edition
  Department, university links
  Selected journals.
  Other classes