Negative Poisson's ratio materials: possible uses

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Possible applications of these negative Poisson's ratio materials

The following applications are envisaged for polymeric or metallic negative Poisson's ratio materials such as re-entrant foams. We never called them metamaterials or auxetics in those days. Negative Poisson's ratio materials are being applied by industry in England, see, e. g. Auxetix, Ltd; see also F. Scarpa group at the University of Bristol, and elsewhere. More uses have been developed in recent years.

Based on Poisson's ratio

Filling for highway joints
Matrix for high performance piezoelectric composite
Knee pads
Elbow pad
Core for curved sandwich panel
Flexible fasteners
Wrestling mats
Air filters
Air filters: tunable, cleanable
Tube or artery cleaner
Pad under carpeting
Ankle wrap
Biomedical implants
Executive toy
Lecture demonstration
Stimulus for thought
Based on resilience or toughness

Packing material
Knee pads
Elbow pad
Robust shock absorbing material
Sponge mops
Tear-resistant sponge
Damage resistant sandwich core
Filling for highway joints
Pad under carpeting
Ankle wrap
Helmet liners
Based on rib vibration

Sound absorbing layering
Tuned sound reflector

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