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1. Introduction: Structure
Modulus vs. density
Strength vs. density
Idealized structures
Observed structures
Fibrous laminate
Ferroelectric material

2. Structure, properties, bounds
Voigt, Reuss structures
Extremal structures
Moduli, Voigt, Reuss
Properties, E/ρn, bending

3. Symmetry and anisotropy
  Crystal classes
  Elasticity, orthotropic
Interpret elastic constants: C1111, ν

4. Coupled fields
Coupled fields; Nye concept
Coupled fields, piezoelectric after Nye
Coupled fields equation
Ferroelectric material
BaTiO3-KNbO3 phase diagram BaTiO3 PbTiZrO3
  Introduction to piezoelectricity
  PZT8 properties
  Piezoelectric composites
Positive α map map 2
Negative α map
High α lattice

5. Particle, fiber and platelet inclusions
Extremal structures
Coated spheres
Particles, dental composite
Particles, asphalt
Particle analysis-stiffness
Particle composite analysis
Particles, impact polystyrene
  Particles, carbon in tires
  Particles, self healing polymers
Voids as empty particles in rubber
Fibrous laminate
Fibrous hierarchy
Fibrous material transverse modulus 2 3 strength 2 3
Laminate stiffness matrix synthesis, stiffness matrices
short fiber, 2

Platelets in aluminum
Eutectic structure
In-situ composite pdf

6. Cellular materials and lattices
Modulus vs. density
Strength vs. density
Synthetic foams
Fibrous cellular solids
Natural foams

Structural honeycomb
Stretch honeycomb
Honeycomb stress strain
Honeycomb map
Honeycomb E equation
Honeycomb ν deformation diagram
Honeycomb ν equation
Honeycomb analysis 78 79 80 81 82 83 106 107 109 110 111 112 113

chiral honeycomb Sandwich 357 363 347
Polymer foam
Copper foam Material E vs. density
Spherical voids in stiff solid, dilute
Spherical voids in rubber, dilute
Cellular solid applications 6 8
Foam E vs. density
Foam modulus equation
Ideal polyhedral cells
Foam ν vs. density
Foam elastic stress strain curve
Foam inelastic stress strain curve
Foam toughness graph
Foam toughness equation
Foam toughness analysis
Foam analysis 126 127 128 129 130 131 Poi 138 139 142 143 144 145
Foam article
Foam fluid effect
Food foams

Schoen patent minimal surface tubular US3663347A
Schoen patent minimal surface tubule core US3663346A
Plate lattice cell Adv. Mat., 1803334 (2018)
Polymer lattice
Polymer lattice detail
Polymer lattice cell
octet truss cell
ν range
ν < 0
Poisson article
NYT, Chi
RUS InSn 1
hi α 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Metal lattice acoustically similar to water after Norris.
Resonator lattice for negative refraction after Shelby, Smith, Schultz
Hall effect after Briane, Milton, chain structure
Structural hierarchy
Eiffel tower
hierarchical materials
Hierarchical Lattices: octahedral
Hierarchical laminate
Menger sponge fractal, video

7. Natural materials
Review, Gibson-Ashby pdf
Bone hierarchical structure
  Human compact bone micrograph.
  Bovine compact bone micrographs cross section , aligned longitudinal , circumferential , radial .
Bone properties links
Tendon hierarchical structure
Tendon, ligament properties links
Tissue properties links
Wood structure
Wood stress strain
Wood stress strain 2
wood modulus
Wood failure

8. Size of heterogeneity
Stress concentration scf1, scf2
Bone size effect
Strain distribution in bone
Corner element: why spill over
Corner element in continuum
Corner element in rubber
Corner element in foam
Corner notch PMMA
Corner notch foam
Warp by holography
Warp by theory
Cosserat elasticity, size effects
Chiral 3D lattice
Chiral size effects
Chiral torsion
Toughness maps 0, 1, 2.

9. Viscoelastic materials
Viscoelasticity notes
Stiffness vs. damping, known materials
Stiffness vs. damping for microstructures
Stiffness vs. damping, inclusion shape

Guidelines for reports
graph guide.

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