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The Mechanics and Materials Faculty
The faculty members of the Mechanics and Materials research group.

Robert W. Carpick
Robert W. Carpick
Associate Professor

Now at the University of Pennsylvania

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experimental nanomechanics and nanotribology (friction, adhesion, elasticity, wear) -- application and development of advanced scanning force microscopy tools -- nano-scale characterization of materials including ultrathin organic films, solid single crystal and thin film surfaces, and nanocomposites

Walter J. Drugan
Walter J. Drugan

527 Engineering Research Building
Telephone: (608)-262-4572
Fax: (608)-262-6701
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continuum mechanics analyses of behavior of modern materials -- nonlinear fracture mechanics of ductile materials (single- and poly-crystalline) and interfaces -- nonlocal constitutive models of composite materials -- discontinuties and shock waves in solids -- dynamic fragmentation -- nanoscale fracture -- applied mathematics

Reid F. Cooper
Reid F. Cooper

Professor Cooper has moved to Brown University.
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ceramic, glass-ceramic and ceramic composite materials -- inorganic glasses -- mechanical properties -- kinetics -- physics of geological materials

Roderic Lakes
Rod Lakes
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor

541 Engineering Research Building
Telephone: (608)-265-8697
Fax: (608)-263-7451 Go to Lakes m and m page
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Metamaterials with extremal properties such as a negative Poisson's ratio, or a negative or extreme stiffness; materials with structural hierarchy, holographic methods, viscoelasticity, biomechanics, biomaterials; Materials as Cosserat or micropolar solids for enhanced toughness, chirality, and damage tolerance. CAE page

Wendy C. Crone
Wendy C. Crone

529 Engineering Research Building
Telephone: (608)-262-8384
Fax: (608)-263-7451
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experimental mechanics of materials -- plasticity -- fracture mechanics -- characterization of materials such as shape memory alloys, metallic single crystals, and biomaterials

Donald Stone
Donald Stone

246 Materials Science & Engineering Bldg.
Telephone: (608)-262-8791
Fax: (608)-262-8353
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mechanical properties -- alloys -- materials applications and microelectronics -- thin films -- nanoindentation

Ray Vanderby
Ray Vanderby, Jr.

Module G5/360 Clinical Science center
Telephone: (608)-263-9593
Fax: (608)-265-9144
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biomechanics of tissue; orthopaedic implants


Mechanics and Materials faculty advise students in the following graduate programs:
Engineering Mechanics
Materials Science
Metallugical Engineering
Geology and Geophysics
Biomedical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics
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